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Good morning KSBIRDers

If someone else posted this in the past months, and I missed it, I
apologize!  Ya know how sometimes you go to a website and then you
see a link and it leads you to a page that has another link, yada,yada,
yada - well, that's how I wound up at this web site.

This is a free PDF download that is designed to be a photo companion
to Dan Froehlich's "Ageing North American Landbirds by Molt Limits
and Plumage Criteria"  It is not all inconclusive of all species, but  
it has
some excellent photos and discussion that may help you understand
the sometimes complex nature of molts and the impact that can have
on ageing individual birds, which can come in very critical in
identification of many more cryptic species.

So if you really want to learn more about molt, go to: and follow the instructions to
download the PDF!  And them maybe consider buying the book that
goes with it!


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