I last saw the Western (2) and Clark's Grebe Thanksgiving day about 1:30pm. I was also at Smithville Lake today (Friday) and did not see them. Additional observations were made on Mon, Tues., and Wed. of this week.
I did see 2 juvenile Bald Eagles strafing the 3 grebes on Tuesday, apparently aware that the birds could not fly (due to the condition of their wings while molting the flight feathers). They avoided the eagles efforts by diving underwater and resurfacing somewhere else. The grebes did not stay underwater long. I watched this drama play out for about an hour; rooting for the grebes. Indeed, the grebes survived this particular onslaught, as they were seen on Wed. 
Based on the condition of the wings of one of the Western Grebes late Wednesday (only spread-wing view I got that day), I would be surprised if they could fly any distance at all, let alone any type of migration. The bird was missing at least 4 primary feathers on that day. Does anyone know if they could complete a primary molt that quickly?
Good Birding,
Doug Willis
Liberty, MO
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