Possible Ruby-throat very close to Joplin...
I like Ellie's last sentence in her second paragraph...
Good birding,  Larry H.  Joplin MO.  [log in to unmask]
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Sent: Saturday, November 21, 2009 4:24 PM
Subject: Re: rufous in Edmond

Terri, Hi!!  I had a surprise visit Nov. 9 (lots of other bird activity also) from a very fat female Rubythroat.  Saw her first at 9:45 then again at 11:55 so I hung a trap.  "Sat on the string" about an hour, then hooked it inside so I could release it if she fed again, but that's the last I saw of her - also the reason I didn't post.  I was very surprised to see a Rubythroat instead of a Rufous.
As for your rufous, no telling where he's been feeding.  I still have quite a few things in bloom - pineapple sage, salvia guaranticia, s. coccinea, everlasting azaleas, and even some petunias.  Remember the adult male Rufous which arrived here Dec. 15, 1999 and stayed through single digit temps and 8" of snow then left Feb. 16, 2000.  I've often said, if you keep a feeder out in winter I can't guarantee you'll see a hummingbird, but if  a hummer comes and you don't have a feeder out, I can almost guarantee you won't see it. 
Enjoy reading your posts.
Ellie Womack
Hummingbird Bander
Grove, OK
To my surprise the Rufous Hummer is still here. He showed up at 2:15 today.
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