After checking Creve Coeur Lake and finding it devoid of birds, we proceeded to Dwyer and Seeberger in Saint Charles Co.  There was a large mixed flock of blackbirds in the area of the cattle farm including a fair number of Great-tailed Grackles and Rusty Blackbirds.  From there we traveled through Saint Charles Co. down the back roads to Rt. V and then on to Smart Field (County Airport).  We encountered numerous large blackbird flocks.  One small one on V and another on Portage road near the airport contained a small number of Brewer's Blackbirds. 
In Portage de Sioux we checked the nature park on the east side of town.  This is a mixed area of fields, open woods, brush, and a small lake near the river on the down stream side of town.  Archie noted a raptor perched in a small tree near us.  It was a large yound accipiter with an obvious line above the eye.  It soon flew to a more distant tree showing its large size and more massive jizz.   Scope views made the line above the eye, the spotting on the back and wing coverts clearly visible, and the some wavy tail pattern clear visible.  After a few minutes in flew down and could not be relocated, but it is still probably somewhere in the area.
We then went on to Riverlands, where we had a Common Loon on Teal Pond and a variety of waterfowl and gulls, but did not find anything unusual.
David Becher
Saint Louis
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