I made a very quick trip to Smithville Lake this morning, in hopes of finally seeing the Western and Clark's Grebes.  Luckily I ran into Mike Stoakes and Paul Habbiger (sp?) who were scoping the lake for unusual birds.  Thanks to them, I finally got to see the Western and Clark's Grebes before heading home.
       Today, access to much of the lake is closed because of a managed hunt.  It is possible, though, to scope from the dam and from a small parking area just east of the south end of the dam.  A gravel trail leads to the right from there, and circles left to a point near the water, which is where we finally saw the Western and Clark's Grebes. Paul and Mike said the birds seem to have been hanging around in the same general area.  We also saw Common Loons, Horned Grebes, Pied-billed Grebes, Double-crested Cormorants, Mallards, Common Mergansers, and a Red-tailed Hawk.  Paul and Mike no doubt saw other species before I arrived, but I don't know what else they spotted in the fog.
       It was really great to finally see those unusual Grebes.  Thanks, Paul and Mike!

Susan Seyboth
Kansas City, MO
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