I'm home doing some study program.. Took a  break with hearing some bird song. Again, out in front yard a large influx of birds.  And now I think I understand.  In the large trees around my home are numerous squirrel nests (remember I fed them also).  Well, the titmouse (4) , the white-throated sparrows (2), the starling, the blue jays (3-4) ..the chickadee.. are stealing food from the squirrel nests.. mostly acorns, I 'm guessing.   All the talk re: the squirrels stealing food from the feeders.. well what goes around comes around. 
     Also, cooper's hawk off in the distance..
     I  heard only one great horned owl calling early this morning.( 4 am). and just too tired to chase. Maybe another time I will.  
  Jane Allen
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  St. Louis Co.
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