Like Larry said we had a fine time birding the area yesterday. Nice to see some Trumpeter Swans back again. The American Pipit spectacle was special. They were a few miles south of the refuge. They were lining the power lines like Swallows, perched on hay bales, dropping into feed in a very green - for November  -Alfalfa field, and landing on the road then flying up when a vehicle came by, swirling around and coming back to the road. I have seen more AMPI the last Month or so than I've ever seen before.
The bird of the day though may have been a very striking Krider's -type Redtail Hawk seen on the refuge. It had white head, back, and front, but darker wings.  pale reddish tail with lighter base. Nice to see some of these lighter birds back in Mo. LOTS of other Redtails on the refuge and in the area of various colorations including a blackish one between the refuge and Mound City. We didn't keep a count but guess-timated we probably saw around 60! 
 Saw one Short-eared Owl on the way home last eve in Caldwell Co. along hwy B north of Hwy 65 an area where there were several last Winter.  Fun to see all the Winter Raptors around!
Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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