I followed the conversations concerning woodpecker attacks on houses and I loved the "attack spider" but I am under serious attack by at least one hairy and maybe two downys.  They are making nice round holes under my eaves on the side of the house which has the walkout door for the basement so it's way up off the ground.  Earlier holes, especially one,  have been used by my bluebirds in years past but I've plugged some holes when the starlings came with steel wool by hanging out a window.  I thought that the consensus was that the woodpeckers are searching for food but if so why are they making nice round holes?  What were some of the suggestions for deterring since I can't afford that many "attack spiders"?  Sitting inside yelling at them to quit does not work and my dogs are really worried about me.  Thanks jg  There are five new holes made and one has my insulation dribbling out of it.
Jenny Gunn
East Ozarks Audubon
Bonne Terre, MO 63628

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