I went birding with the Sat. WGNSS group.. to Carlyle Lake, IL...nice weather, loons(common and pacific), horned and pied-billed grebes.. they are so cute.. The horned grebe looks almost like a cartoon character..
     At home, did not find the owls.. they did not vocalize early this morning. However, I went out to clean up front yard about 11 am. and the air was alive with birdsong and chatter. It sounded so cheerful.. I know the robins are supposed to sound cheerful.. but really , all the birds were chattering.. these were "my birds".... in the big oak next door were the robins, the blue jays,the mourning doves, the chickadees, two white-breasted nuthatches on one branch, the male downy woodpecker, couple of chickadee sp. .. with some dark-eyed juncos flying in and out.and the sparrows around. I heard the white-throated sparrow, and saw the others.  . Across the way , where there are three trees with gumballs, were the house finches. A. Crows in the distance..  These birds were eating and chipper.
     So, you can see I was happy with all that.  
    Jane Allen
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    St. Louis Co.
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