Lois and I traveled to Smithville Lake Friday afternoon to look for the
Western and Clark's Grebe.  Arrived at 3:30pm Friday and found them (3)
immediately from South pull off on dam way way out there. Luckily their
white necks stand out otherwise just small dots. Also saw them from point
below visitors center again way way out there. Sat. morn after seeing them
way out, at about 10:00 am they finally came to within 30 yds of dam rift
rap 150 yds North of South pull off.

I only have processed a few so far but here's a couple.
Spotted this hawk 2.5 miles short of Houstonia exit on right and first
thoughts looked like an Osprey, at least by the look of the head.  Tough
IDing at 78mph. Doubled back on service road and managed a couple shots of a
Krider's Red-tailed Hawk.

gallery here, many more to process

Trip was almost a disaster, we spotted them down along the dam from the dam
tower so Lois dropped me off on the dam just above them.  Jumping out of the
van I must have hit the mode dial as I have no idea what mode was set. Could
have been tiny jpg's, yuk.

Al Smith
Bridgeton, St. Louis County (admin)

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