Report for Sat Nov 21 2009
All St. Charles County, Missouri

14 started the day at Hampton Lake in Busch CA.  Treats from the parking lot
and boardwalk were 1 colorful male PURPLE FINCH and 3 RUSTY BLACKBIRDs.

Along the Fallen Oak Trail we had 3 RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHes, 2 BROWN
CREEPERs and 4 

YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKERs.  1 COMMON LOON, reported on Fri Nov 20, continued
today at the west end of Lake 33.

Moving along to the Blue Grosbeak Trail in Weldon Spring CA we spotted
several RED-TAILED HAWKs including a dark one aloft, possibly a Western
type.  A late FIELD SPARROW joined a small mixed flock of sparrows and
cardinals at the top of the trail.  In excellent light, a PILEATED
WOODPECKER displayed bright, sulphur-colored feathering at the base of the
upper mandible and, as a nice way to finish the trip, we listened to 1 or 2
FOX SPARROWs singing alongside the trail.

Full CACHE lists here:

Busch CA

Weldon Spring CA

56 species, aggregate, for our half-day field trip.

Mike Thelen
University City, St. Louis County, MO
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