Mr. Fisher et al....

ZOWEE!  A Summer Tanager at Tower Grove Park (near Gaddy) today!

Wow, when I first started seriously birding, I read all of Bob Fisher's articles posted on the ASM website (on Ornithology and what to expect each month here in Missouri) - that was a little less than a year ago.  I reread his November piece right around the beginning of this November.  What I remembered most about his piece was that at the very end, he wrote, "But most of all, November is the month in which to expect the unexpected!"     

Well, that Tanager was indeed most unexpected.  Thanks, Bob for the encouragement or I might not have believed my eyes.

There were a few other highlights at TGP that excited me today on my short birding jaunt:

1. Red-headed Woodpecker juveniles (2 of 3 that I saw) are showing signs of a bit more red peeking through - especially near the nape of the neck and on the back of the head.

2. Great Horned Owls (the pair I follow on occasion) were in one of their usual trees.  I hung out just long enough to listen to them hooting and follow them for a bit as they began their evening hunting.

3. Eastern Towhee (one male) is still hanging on at Gaddy...

4.  White-throated Sparrows are still at Gaddy

5.  A Red-tailed Hawk was in no hurry so I got to watch him close up for a very long time (with an occasional long run to catch up.)

Most of the other birds I was privy to see were the usual suspects.

BIG THANK YOU to everyone for all the Spotting Scope/Tripod/etc. information in response to my post.  It helped so so much!  We now know exactly what we are going to get! This list is so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...(I don't do spell check, so expect that to be spelled correctly, not that it would be in spell check anyway, tee, hee.)

Chris McClarren
St. Louis South City
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