Creve Coeur Lake, St. L co. - after noon, maybe 1 PMish..? least 12 COMMON LOONS - even heard them yodeling
same assortment of ducks Pat reported with NO unusual ducks.

Forgot to check Mallard Lake, looked like there might have been birds there
when I drove by.

Riverlands MBS
~ 25 (+?) SWANS in cornfield along Hwy 67, kinda' behind Hood's
Savage Store. Take exit road to Hood's but instead of going left toward
Hood's, follow the road right. It's a dead end and not sure I was suppose to 
there but saw NO "No Trespassing" or "Private Road" signs along the road.
Went to the end of the road to view the swans.
No one hollered at me, so guess it was OK...?
MAY have had a Tundra but can not be 100% on this since I was looking at 
through fencing and a substation.
Maybe they are not frequenting Cora Island Road due to the pipeline 

Did have a C. Loon in Ellis Bay (water going up with just a few mudflats 
Did NOT see the Avocet in Ellis Bay or Heron Pond but could have missed it.
Not many ducks or gulls there, wrong time of day.
Did have female Common Mergs.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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