I have a Barred owl story in response to Mike Doyens post about not hearing owls while in deer camp. A couple weeks ago while bowhunting in Osage county with my friend Steve he was attacked on 2 separate days by a barred owl. On each occasion, while in 2 different deer stands 15 feet up in a tree, an owl (presumably the same one) wacked him from behind in the back of his head, leaving behind some pretty good scratches. Is this a territorial response? I presume the owl was not mistaken him for food. Anyone else had this experience?

Last weekend while deer hunting (rifle season) in Pike county saw my 1st Purple finches of the year feeding on weed seeds on the edge of the woods with some goldfinches and 6 to 8 fox sparrows feeding on the ground beneath them

Dave Haenni

Des Peres, Mo.


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