My family and I took advantage of the unseasonable weather and spent two nights and three days at the park camping. Our site was lakeside and when not staring at the campfire or snoozing (yes), I watched the water... I also cruised over to the marina and back and forth over the dam many times over the period. At no time did I observe ANY grebes. NONE, NADA, ZILCH...
I watched the emails via my Blackberry about the neat birds being discovered at the Long Branch's sister lake, Smithville Lake... I really thought something would drop onto Long Branch, but if something did, I didn't see it.. I've often wondered why "similar" lakes have such dramatically dissimilar birds.
I thought about making a run down to Thomas Hill, but camping won out... Still, November is historically a great month for Thomas Hill... Will try to get over there at least three or four times this month.
Full report(s) in SPARKS.
Still birding in NEMO,

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