I watched the late afternoon fly to roost today. The three Western-type grebes were with some diving ducks not far from the south end of the dam, and I got my best look at the Clark's to date.  (Alas. Tomorrow & Friday are forecasted to be windy.)
A lot else has pulled out, but I did note the following:
18 Common Loons
4 Horned Grebes
Several Greater Scaup
2 Hooded Mergansers
Several Green-winged Teal
7-800 Franklin's Gulls @ sundown. More still coming in. (A higher percentage than I have noticed before are immatures).
Several Bonaparte's Gulls.
Red-throated Loon - NOT.
Black Scoter -- NOT.
The gull roost was much closer to the dam than it has been.
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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