For St Louis Area birders:
I finally drove down to Monroe County this morning to look for the Prairie Falcon, but after about three passes gave up.  The directions were problem finding the right area.  Saw a good looking Red-tailed Hawk being pursued by small birds on all three passes.  Also flushed a smallish dark falcon or accipiter which flew straight, fast and low away from the car and disappeared for good. I had disobeyed the birder's rule and paid the price.  Ah, well.
On the way home, I checked Carondelet Park, (St Louis south county) for Bill Rudden's Merlin of previous years, but no-go there either.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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Subject: Re: Prairie Falcon in northern Monroe Co, IL -- YES
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Date: Monday, November 9, 2009, 9:41 AM

Went out to look for the Prairie Falcon reported yesterday, Nov 8th.  Thanks to the map provided from IBET I was able to locate the PRFA after only 15 minutes of searching.
I found it along Bixby Road, east of the farm house at Fish Lake.  It was sitting on the wires and would occasionally swoop down to chase Horned Larks in the field.
A pickup truck spooked it and it flew westward towards the farm house by Fish Lake.  When I drove back towards BB Road, I relocated the bird in the top of one of the trees behind the farm house.
Before it flew off again, got a good comparison with an American Kestrel which landed in the same tree about three feet from the PRFA.
Archie Keiper
Columbia, Monroe Co, IL
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