I found 4 Long-eared Owls in one pine grove and a single in another on private land this morning. Couple of Red-breasted Nuthatches in the pines also. Saw a beautiful Dark Red-tail Hawk near there - It was essentialy Red, White,and Black!
 This evening I finally saw a Short-eared Owl at the second field I checked. it was 5:30, almost to dark,  when I got there after none showed at the first place, so could be more there. 
 I Heard a Barred Owl call a couple times while waiting at the first location, also Horned Larks, and couple flyover Lapland Longspurs. Spotted a Great Horned Owl in a large lone Oak Tree in an open field on way home - really cool sight at twilght!  Pretty good Owl day.
 I saw/heard about 50 Lapland Longspurs in Daviess Co. just south of Lock Springs again. 
Saw 3 individual Shrikes around the Poosey CA area, NW Livingston Co. this afternoon and 2 together farther East in the north part of County - Chula area - this eve. They were all pretty spooky acting so didn't get best looks, but believe they were all Loggerheads.
Well, back to work tomorrow.
Later, Steve Kinder
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