It appears it's possible we'll have a Golden Eagle nesting at Squaw Creek this
winter!  Doug Willis first posted a juvenile Golden Eagle a few days ago.  Last
Wednesday, Linda Byrd and myself were pretty sure we saw one but since we
didn't get a really good look we declined to post it.  Today, Sharon Hatten and
I did Squaw Creek NWR in the afternoon and were able to confirm a juvenile
Golden Eagle by its under-wing markings as it soared right out in front of us
and then above us.  It was MAGNIFICIENT!  The other two birds we didn't
expect to see were a Cattle Egret and a Meadowlark.  Otherwise, duck
numbers are phenomenal.

Additionally, we did some extensive scoping at Smithville Lake this morning
before heading to Squaw Creek and didn't find any of the grebes.  In fact, we
found no large flocks of ducks or birds.  The only exceptions were two small
flocks of coots off Crows Creek and a large flock of gulls in the parking lot on
the park side of the dam.  Since it wasn't windy and the water was really still,
we were hoping for better results.

Like Peter posted this morning, if anyone has loons or grebes this week within
60 miles of Kansas City, please post it.  Or, you can even call me.  All the
grebes spotted this week would be lifers for me.

Christine Kline
Pleasant Hill, MO ~ Cass County
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