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Charlene Malone


Subject: IBET Fw: Prairie Falcon - S. IL
From: Eric Secker <esecker AT>
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 22:46:44 -0600

Pete Moxon called.  He located a PRAIRIE FALCON in Monroe County along
the Levee Rd. north of where I-255 crosses the river to Missouri.  The
bird was seen in the fields east of the levee rd. about a half a mile
north of I-255.  This is north of the White Ibis spot for those familiar
with the area where those birds were previously seen.  The falcon was
seen chasing after a number of birds and perching on some of the
telephone poles and also some shorter posts in the field.  It was last
seen going further east towards some farm / maintenance buildings.  To
access the area, take Rt. 3 and exit west at Palmer Rd. / Bluff Rd. (s.
of I-255).  Then take a right on Dd Rd., right on Ramsey Rd. and then
right on the Levee Rd. which crosses over I-255, then left on Bb rd.
(see DeLorme).

Here's a map of the exact spot.,-90.251656&spn=0.017366,0.038581&z=15

Eric Secker
Wheaton, DuPage Co. &
West Dundee, Kane Co.

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