Hello all,


First, I would like to thank Brad Jacobs for his post yesterday about the Surf Scoter at Binder Lake.  Second, Jonathon thank you for listening to my gripes and groans on my birding expeditions today.  After 2 trips to Binder Lake today, I was able to relocate the Surf Scoter.  I first tried to find it before I dropped my kids off at school today with no luck.  Saw many Mallards, Canada Geese, and Pied Billed Grebes (first for my kids).  I went back for one more try after lunch.


I started on the Rainbow Road side of Binder.  I first saw a raft of birds from the parking area before the boat ramp, that I could not identify with my lowly 10x42 binoculars as they were too far across the lake.  I was so determined to find the Scoter that I decided to walk the Audubon trail on the other side of the lake.  However, determined as I was I had it in my head that I was going to walk all the way down this trail and not find anything.  As I was walking the trail right by the water, some little birds caught my eye.  I was treated with my first of 3 new birds for the day.  Flitting amongst Black Capped Chickadees and Tufted Titmouse were many Golden Crowned Kinglets.  My spirits became more positive after that.  I finally got over near the dead trees that stand in the water and spotted the raft.  When I got my binoculars up, I was treated to 8 floating “somethings” bobbing with the waves with their heads tucked under their wings!  GRRR!  Nature provided me with a nice resting place with a small log to sit on …so I waited.  Finally one of the “somethings” must have bumped the group because then they were all flapping and snapping at each other.  There was one lonely Surf Scoter with 7 Common Mergansers.  I was satisfied and really had to get to the grocery store, so I made the trip back up the steep hill. 


Also, behind my children’s school has an entertaining swath of trees and brush.  While I was waiting in the pick-up line, there were 4 White-crowned Sparrows digging in the leaves. 


Thanks for reading my birding story for today.

Liza Loughridge

Jefferson City, MO

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