Since I have never used the IBird or Bird Jam software on my Ipod I really dont know the depth of these products  My impression is that they are really great tools.  I have the Stoakes CDs on my Ipod.  I have taken all the tracks and have edited them to remove the intro with CD Wave, it is really easy to do but a very time consuming process (a good winter project).  I also have a complete photo library of every North American bird species (of course I downloaded most of these and dont have permission to share them).  I really have never used the photo library in the field but I do use the other recordings through a game call speaker.  I think that the best feature of this system is that I am able to create a playlists of bird vocalizations and select shuffle for this playlist so that I can use it as a study tool to learn and practice vocal identification.  It has been a wonderful learning device.  Like I say I have never used the marketed software packages and they may have this same capability.

John Bollin

School of Biological Sciences

University of Missouri at Kansas City

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