Hi everyone,
I have a problem with a female cardinal. She comes to our parking lot at work and she gets in front of our rear veiw mirrors and slobbers all over them as she is looking at herself. She is not attacking the mirror bird just looking at herself she can hardly wait until one of us gets there. We have a small beauty shop and are in the corner there are 3 other businesses but it seems to be only the cars on the 2 that are on the south end of the lot. If my car, which is on the back side, isn't there she will get close and go for the other opperaters car. She has been doing this for a year she gets the mirrors so dirty that youi can hardly see out of them and of course she poops down the side of the car. My boss is so upset because we have started putting plactic bags over the mirrors to disciurage her but she is just waiting until another car comes and we can't ask our coustomers to cover their mirrors too. She is ready to put poison sunflower seeds out(she just got a new car) I was wondering if there was anything else we could do because I sure don't want to kill her or anyother birds.
Barbara Jahn
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Independence Mo
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