I've continued to hear a faint owl vocalization in the early pre-dawn hours.  This morning I heard it while outdoors a little closer and louder. I believe it is a great horned owl.  It is interesting to me that the first time I heard it was just after a barred owl had flown, while vocalizing, over my home.  (see below).  guess there is room out there for both. 

 Jane Allen, St. Louis County
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Date: Sunday, October 11, 2009, 10:19 AM

  Last weekend, I heard a Barred owl call twice, like it was right over my house. I got out of the bathtub, went out into the night and saw nothing.  I make a few laughable barred owl calls and what I got in return was like this:  hoo....hoo hoo. very faint.  I did this several times, getting the same response.  
   This morning , before daylight, I heard the same  hoo...hoo hoo faint call again. I got out of bed, out into the night and listened.. I didn't call, but this "owl" did continue with this. 
    So I wonder.. is this call  the beginning of the barred owl call, maybe not yet developed, or a far away Great Horned owl.   I have had an owl leave its pellets under my large pine tree a few years ago.  There have been Barred owls in Whitecliff Park (Crestwood) near my home as the bird flies.   
    That may not be much info to go on.. so maybe the question is: do young owls give some shorter version of the adult call?   and I'm sure it was not a DOG! 

   Jane Allen
   St. Louis County
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