PASSERINES.   A New-world warbler almost in focus:1.
A Old-world warbler:2.

Here the olive Ammodramus Sparrow:

Pipit, Longspur or Sparrow:4.

DUCKS: The IL scoter team is at six:5.

LARIDS.  We all recognize these wings: (behind Ring-billed Gull)6.

Gull and Tern:7.

Mike Thelen has Arctic Tern on his area list.  Here a Non-Forster's tern showing Thayer's-like wing pattern:8.
It's also a Non-Arctic Tern:

LBIMOBill RuddenSt. [log in to unmask]
1. Orange-crowned2. Ruby-crowned Kinglet3. Henslow's4. Vesper Sparrow5. Surf6. Bonaparte's7. Laughing, Forster's8. Common

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