Gary Johnson and I birded from Platte Falls CA to the various oxbows from Bean Lake to L. Contrary and back to Smithville Lake today. It was a beautiful day but very windy, which kept species and individual numbers down. We saw the following, which may be of interest:
1 Fox Sparrow at Platte Falls CA
1 female Brewer's Blackbird in agricultural area between Bean & Sugar Lakes
2 Am. Pipits
Vesper Sparrow
Many Horned Larks
200+ cormorants at Lewis & Clark S.P.
40+ Killdeers at Muskrat Lake. (They're on the move).
Total species: 46
Full details on CACHE and SPARKS
Smithville Lake was nearly empty. Most of the Franklin's Gulls had pulled out. We saw only 20-30. No loons. No ducks. Only PB grebes. Most of the coots have also pulled out.
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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