Recent Yard Birds



Magnolia Warbler, 1, 10-27

Nashville Warbler, 1, 10-27


Wood Duck, 10-24, 10-26

Sharp-shinned Hawk, 10-29

Cooper's Hawk, 10-27

Mourning Dove

Barred Owl, calling 10-26

Eastern Wood-Pewee, 10-24

Eastern Phoebe, 10-26

Brown Creeper, 1, 10-26, 10-28

Carolina Wren, singing

Ruby-crowned Kinglet, 1, seen almost daily

Golden-crowned Kinglet, 1, 10-27

Eastern Bluebird

American Robin, flock of 40+ on 10-29

Cedar Waxwing, flock of 30+

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Song Sparrow, 1, 10-28

White-crowned Sparrow, a few

White-throated Sparrow, lots

Dark-eyed Junco, lots

Chipping Sparrow, some

Eastern Towhee, 1M, 10-29

Northern Cardinal, flock of 6 on 10-26

Common Grackle, flock of 100+ on 10-28

Purple Finch, 1F 10-27


Oct. 25, Columbia Area, Boone Co.


Bradford Farm


LeConte's Sparrow, 2

Savannah Sparrow


Little Dixie Lake CA

Song Sparrow, 2

Brown Thrasher, 1


Grindstone Nature Area

Turkey Vulture, 8

White-throated Sparrow, lots


Joe LaFleur

Columbia, MO
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