I have heard back from Lanny Chambers on Sarah's Gladstone hummingbird and this is what he says:

"The tail appears too long and the bill too short for a BCHU to me,  
and the 10th primary doesn't look quite club-shaped enough. The wing- 
tail relationship is really best judged when the wings aren't  
drooping. Especially with young hummingbirds, color isn't as good a  
field mark as we might hope--there's a lot of individual variation. 
My guess is immature female RTHU. If I caught this bird at any time  
of year, though, I would measure it to be sure of the species. I got  
lucky once, but imagine all the Black-chins that must go unnoticed in  
western Missouri."

Keep on looking those hummingbirds over!

Linda Williams
Liberty, MO
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