Part I of II:

The Coopers' hawks are in and out of Gaddy a lot...just got to bird around are my highlights from Wednesday.  You can see the Coopers weren't around when I was inside Gaddy in the afternoon.  But like Pat noted, when they are, it gets quiet.  Flocks going tree to tree in a frenzy will suddenly seem to freeze and disappear when they enter the area.

Highlights inside Gaddy:
Blue-headed Vireos (2)
Nashville Warbler
Tennessee Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warblers (5)
Eastern Towhees (2 males)
Juncos galore - a gathering of 10 or more male and female
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Ruby-crowned Kinglets (2)
Mockingbird (first time I saw one at the bubbler)
Hairy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Hermit Thrushes (3)
Fox Sparrow
White-throated Sparrows - numerous bathers
Robins - numerous bathers - 20 or more taking turns...

Highlights around Gaddy:
Brown Creepers
White-breasted Nuthatch
Red-headed Woodpeckers (2 adults and 1 juvenile)
Phoebes (2)
Hermit Thrushes (at least 3)
Wood Thrush
Tufted Titmice (flock of 6 or so)
Summer Tanagers (2)
Great Horned Owl (both - first there was one, then later, two together)
Carolina Wren
Bluejays (5  or more - one got about 2 feet from the GHO's face and stared her down, squawking up a storm - didn't work)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - juvenile
Robins - more large flocks in various places...

And I met our new birder to the area, Ben Solomon...who posted his sighting of the Black-Throated Blue Warbler some days past.  He was amazed at all the birds, too.  

 Part II of II By the way, I did bird today.  I saw almost the same as what I saw yesterday, except most of them were outside of Gaddy due to the fact that the Cooper's Hawk was overseeing Gaddy, like Pat said.  But also, there was lawnmowing taking place on the north side of Gaddy, leaf-blowing on the south and trunk-chipping on the east. (The Cooper's Hawk was on the West end.)  Gaddy was surrounded as the three machines' cacophony converged on the inside.  BTW,  I actually saw more Yellow-rumped Warblers and more Hermit Thrushes today than I saw yesterday.
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Compared to the last two days, TGP/Gaddy was as quiet as a Church the day after Easter.  Only the regulars. thrush, WT Sparrows, jays, cardinals.  I figured the cold front moved them all out and then, as I turned to the left on the path at the west end I saw Mr. Cooper's Hawk standing right on the path finishing his lunch!  Might have explained the solitude!

Pat Maloney
South City
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