On the subject of Hummers...here are 2 messages I've received from a friend this week.
(1) FUNNY THING.... You are NOT going to believe this but we had a hummer about noon on SATURDAY Oct. 17.   I quick changed the 'aged juice' I had out ( had not seen a bird in 2 weeks or so)  The green hummer stayed around until he got his fill..... a few hours and then disappeared as suddenly as he showed up....  I was sure glad I waited to put my feeders away... I have 2 feeders left out just in case a straggler comes through.... rosalie
(2)We had 2 more hummers join us on Monday, 10/19/09  I cannot believe my eyes...... Hope I'm NOT enabling them to stay where they should not stay... but these were not the same hummer we saw Sat or Sun.  so maybe they are just late travelers....stragglers.... rosalie
Rosalie lives here in St. Joseph, MO, Buchanan County, Northwest Missouri
(2 counties down from the Iowa/Missouri line) .
I have not had a hummer for 3 weeks here in St. Joseph, nor at the Bean Lake Cabin in Platte Co. Some people have all the luck.
Frances Cramer
St. Joseph, Mo, Buchanan Co.

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