Creve Coeur Lake-10am-1:30
A lone Pelican was across from the Taco Bell shelter, hugging the bank.  Its companions included 2 Mallards and a roosting Great Egret.  Ring-billed Gulls and a small gathering of Chimney Swifts continue to peruse the lake area.  In the 'pedestrian only" trail, Blue-headed Vireos, a Hermit Thrush, and then the calls.  The Sora calls.  The calls were such a paradox, inviting yet incredibly hard to find.  In fact, I didn't find them.  In my vain search, I did find a Barred Owl, looking at me as if to say "please make them stop!"  I, on the other hand, rather enjoyed listening to them-for a while.
Bryan Prather
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St.Louis,Co. Mo.

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