i still have chimmney swifts over the south west side of rockwood golf course where i live.also have 3 bluebirds at box an feeding had 2 eastern phobes for the last couple weeks.I seen 3 different birts yesterday that i could call. It really bugged me.one was a halk spec higgh an headed north I dont think abuteo looked smaller an all black fron a distance another was medium high over the golf course an was a gull or ternprobally a gull brief look white underneath gray above no black noticed had a short square noiched tail the las was rock dove size brown body wing beat steady but not real fast. dont believe it was a rock dove.I never did guess an didnt call a bird unless I wasvsure I will never know but I hate that especially only birding from the sun room looking east.
I want toi take a moment an tell everone that lists hoiw much I appreciate ther lists.I read them twice ever day It means a lot to me  thanks an good birding

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