Had a couple of hours to drive around Smithville Lake. Gorgeous day, just wish I had gotten out earlier.

2 pied-billed grebes, 2 savannah sparrows and lots of gulls (way out there) on the north end of the dam.
3 red-tailed hawks, 1 rough legged hawk and about a dozen rough-winged swallows at the corner of W & F by the pond on the SE corner.
Some blue jays, mocking birds and cardinals.
Further on down the road; 2 blue birds, a great blue heron, house sparrows and lots of Ring-Billed gulls flying high with more swallow species (to far for identification).
Hope to get out more in the near future.

I want to thank everyone for their off list emails pertaining to software choices for life lists. It ranged the gamut from Excel spreadsheets (great idea and free for me) to Avisys and E-Bird.

I've also recently purchased a new toy (Ipod Touch) for a future BirdJam software purchase. Yes Linda, I've lusted after your IPOD toy since last winter and will hopefully have mine fully loaded for the Smithville Count. However I can't quite pony up for an expensive camera lens, so we'll have to use your monster lens again this year.

Happy Birding to all,
Keith Brink
Liberty, MO
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