Although I didnt know David very well, I thought I would share a story and how one meeting can affect someone.  I had just gotten into birding last year when I went to see my first bird from the list server, the Allens Hummingbird down in Fenton MO.  I was able to have a wonderful chat with David and his wife, and he gave me a card with his bird he found down in Florida. 
It was this meeting that I remember thinking what a great hobby this would be with people like that.  I have since taken it to new heights both in time and expense (my 500mm f4 lens just arrived lol) and maybe I would have continued with birding, but I have thought many times this past year how cool it would be to find a new species to a state and the story David told me as we stood waiting and freezing on the porch and sidewalk.  I think David and his wife left 5 minutes before he reappeared that day.  I hope he got to see him.
My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time

Clark Creighton
Wildwood MO

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