Taco Bell Shelter-Creve Coeur Lake 8:45-915:am
After about 200 yards into the trail, I came across a rather vocal group of chickadees w/a titmouse or two.  I thought :"and who are you chapporoning today?". I ofcourse was envisioning something semi-colorful and warbler like.  Instead, it was rather brown and creeping.  I still smiled-brown creepers are just so unusual to me.
Returning to my car, across from the not so "dripping springs",  I scanned the lake.  After seeing a small group of Tree Swallows, and watching a gull (Ring Billed), an Osprey came cruising in!  I smiled again.  Even on a dreary, damp and cold day, 2 rather plain plumaged birds brightened it for sure.
Bryan Prather
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St.Louis Co, Mo

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