My thanks to everyone who posted.  I have learned a lot about Chickens.  I
love these birds.  Just love 'em.  It's real sad to see them have tough
times but I have faith that with people like you and others we all can
help enlighten others and ultimately help the Greater Prairie Chicken in
the areas where habitat remains good.  Hopefully the remaining strong
habitat will be improved and upgraded to better support the Chickens.

I'll never forget my first sighting.  It was 20+ years ago during their
mating season.  Just south of Nevada, MO...They touched my heart.

One more thought.

Coyotes do displace fox.  They also have adjusted their diets so that a
solid 50% of what they eat are free-ranging domestic cats.

I suggest we support coyotes!  I don't allow any deer hunters on my farm
to shoot a coyote.

(I also suggest those who enjoy their house cats keep a sharp eye on them!!)

Bob Foreman
Smithville, Clay, Missouri

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