I’ll take this in chronological order. Early today I had a hummingbird in the 
Cannas.  I have hummingbird feeders up because I’ve read that by this time of 
year a hummingbird in Missouri might well be a Rufous, and I’m hoping for a 
Missouri Rufous.  It would have to be a male for me to be able to identify it.  
This was no male, and judging from other MObirds reports, I feel comfortable 
in calling it a female Ruby-throated.  

A bit later I saw a number of Starlings circling in the air somewhat like 
Chimney Swifts.  I recalled that just a few days ago someone noted on 
MObirds that this happened after the swifts were gone.  Since I hadn’t seen 
any swifts for a while, I decided once again that someone had taught me 
something well worth knowing.

A bit later, I was in the yard with a ten year-old boy when he said, “what are 
all those crows doing?”  There were many large birds above, but definitely not 
crows.  My first thought was Common Nighthawks, but a second looked 
dispelled that.  Even though this is not Hawk Mountain, PA. I’m almost positive 
that I had a small kettle of Broad-winged Hawks above my yard. Unless 
someone can prove me wrong, that’s what I’m calling them.  What are the 
possibilities? I hope some else in the area who might know about such things 
saw them.

Finally, late in the evening the sky was quite full of Chimney Swifts that 
seemed to be feeding in the normal way. All in all, it was a good if somewhat 
puzzling day to be in the yard.

Larry Olpin
Warrensburg, MO
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