There's also been some discussion of the NO SIGHTING subject tag. This
tag is common on rare bird lists, or on lists which are primarily
sighting lists, but it's not required on MOBirds-L because we are a
discussion forum, and so many of our posts do not contain sightings. But
there are a few simple ways to make subject lines clearer:

If you are posting about a bird or a place, but aren't reporting a
sighting, be specific. "Question about Mingo NWR " or "Latest dates for
Le Conte's Sparrow" are much clearer than "Mingo NWR" or "Le Conte's

If you are posting a sighting, please include a where and when, not just
a what. "Purple Finch this morning at my feeder" is perfectly clear.
Just "Purple Finch" could be a sighting, or it could be a general
observation or question about the species. It could even be a poem.

When reporting several species, please use a where and when. "Tower
Grove Park" could be about the park itself, but "Tower Grove Park,
Sunday afternoon" is probably going to be a trip report.

If you are reporting results from an organized trip, use a word like
"report" or "results" in the subject line to distinguish the post from
an announcement of the trip.

And if, despite your best efforts, your subject line still seems
ambiguous, feel free to add a "NO SIGHTING" tag!


Dave Scheu
MOBirds-L list co-owner
St. Louis, MO
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Your list owners have received a request that you make sure the subject
for your post reflects the content of the post.

Susan Hazelwood
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