That "Attack Spider" is a riot, and a really good idea. 

I don't really have much to add, except that I would doubt that putting a house over the hole would work- most of time I think the woodpeckers are just looking for food, not necessarily making a nest/roost hole. Seems like you would want to discourage a problem bird from hanging around on the side of your house anyway. Trimming trees probably won't help either, and may even make the habitat around the house more desirable for some species of woodpeckers......

Putting sprinklers at a place where they either get in the birds' flight path or spray them when they are on the house can also be effective. They don't like unexpected showers. If the area is small enough, you could also put some netting over it.

My personal woodpecker story is a Northern Flicker that loves to drum on the metal vent right above our bedroom, in the wee hours of the morning. The sound of a small jackhammer certainly makes a great alarm clock, but for some reason, he only seems to drum on weekends.

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That spider is certainly more interesting and dramatic than a bit of  

I like the idea of placing a nest box over the hole suggested by the  
Birdwatcher's Digest item.  Does anyone have any experience that says  
it might work?  Do you know what kind of woodpecker is trying to move  

  My only experience with the shiny tape was at an old  ranger  
station on the East Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho where I  
volunteered a couple of summers. The stuff was tacked to the eaves of  
the cabin and there were no woodpeckers pecking while I was there,  
but there were many many holes covered with tin can lids suggesting  
former attacks.

June Newman
Carroll County

On Oct 15, 2009, at 7:31 PM, Charlene and Jim Malone wrote:

> A few things from a google search.....
> It must be good, Dave Barry put this item on his gift list.
> Maybe find something similar/cheaper in the Halloween section of
> Walgreens/Discount stores/Halloween stores?
> From Birdwatcher's Digest
> (not fond of the removal suggestion though)
> behavior.aspx#Seven
> Know you can buy rubber snakes at the Halloween stores.
> Also please don't use Tanglefoot.....that is bad, bad stuff.
> Hope this helps,
> Charlene Malone
> St. Louis co.
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