I birded Prairie Home CA (Cooper & Moniteau counties) today.  The  
Asian lady beetles were swarming along Acre Rd.  I really dislike  
these things.  Unlike our native 2-spotted red Lady Bug, these things  
STINK and they go everywhere (they love the insides of houses in the  

Below is an excerpt from an article on the net.  It sounds toooooooo  
optimistic to me; another example of us messing with balance by  
bringing in an exotic so we can try to raise more monoculture stuff.

The birds were delightful today.  Added 2 Lincoln's Sparrows to the  
area checklist.  Two Brown Creepers were fun. But I saw no birds  
paying any attention to the bugs swarming.

The multicoloured Asian lady beetle is a promising biological control  
agent of several insect pests on a wide variety of ornamental and  
agricultural crops. Its large and even explosive populations are  
probably caused by the massive abundance of prey, mostly aphids and  
scale insects, the apparent lack of competition from native lady  
beetles and the apparent lack of native natural enemies. The  
multicoloured Asian lady beetle populations will become more balanced  
when its prey numbers decrease and it falls prey to native natural  

Edge Wade

Columbia, MO

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