3 phone msgs this AM:

MO Birds
Rogles et al and the Sat. WGNSS group had 5 IBIS species at Heron pond early 
am & after 9 AM.
probable White -faced but not sure.
Also numerous shorebirds are present as well.

IL birds
Mark Seiffert called and they had a SCOTER at the "SP"--?-- State Park?
Another person had probable WHITE WINGED SCOTERS at the Carlyle sewage 
off of Sand Ridge Road. Take Hwy 50 east toward South Shores, turn at the 
Fish Hatchery
Park (Sand Ridge Road), go under train trestle and the first road to your 
right is the sewage lagoon.
Gated but birders can walk past the gate (is my understanding, go past gate 
at one's own "risk")

If looking for Scoters it is probably a good idea to look anywhere they have 
been seen in the past (Creve
Coeur Lake, sewage lagoon at Reider Road, etc)
Rogles et al did not see scoters at Horseshoe Lake.

Don't know where the "twin scoters" were seen on Friday, anyone know where 
they were?

No one has turned up the CALIFORNIA GULL either. Only location was "Madison 

PRETTY PLEASE (with sugar on it) if you find good birds, please SHARE the 
location with
your fellow birders. I am sure your generosity will be reciprocated in kind 
several times over.

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

BTW, RED-NECKED GREBE has been seen in East Fork Lake (Richland co.) They 
also had
2 Surf Scoters.
Might be another species to keep you eyes open for.

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