As you have discovered, woodpeckers love cedar siding and trim!  Woodpeckers
recuperating at our center can destroy the logs in their cages in no time at
all.  We have a pileated in now that is working through a log (after trying
my hand for a while) 


This time of year the birds are looking for food.  You should check to make
sure you don't have an insect problem such as carpenter ants, bark beetles
or such.  You can use exclusion techniques to prevent access to areas being
damaged.  Hanging netting, plastic sheeting or screening from the eaves,
suspended several inches can prevent access.  The material should stand at
least 3 inches from wall. (I wouldn't use netting, though because of the
possibility of the bird becoming tangled in the net).  Keep plastic in place
for two to three weeks, even after damaged siding or knotholes have been

You could also try scare tactics, though I'm not sure how well they work.
Birds are a lot smarter than most people think!  Strips of aluminum foil,
pie pans etc.  Mylar party balloons, pinwheels with reflective surface or a
small mirror suspended from a nail are some suggestions.


Drumming is primarily a problem in the spring as birds are announcing
territory.  It can wake you up in a hurry!


Birds can be very persistent, so I wish you luck.


Carol Kershner

Wild Bird Rehabilitation

Overland, MO


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Subject: Woodpeckers are pecking away at the wood trim on my house


Dear fellow birding friends,


My wife and I recently painted the cedar trim of our Wildwood house. We
thought we chose a paint that would not attract woodpeckers. Alas, they are
back. I've heard from June who is the Audubon of MO contact that streming
tinsel can ward off the woodpeckers. Is there any lasting solution you can
reccomend? The woodpeckers are operating on the back of our home which faces
a wooded common area. We plan to trim a few trees in the back to give the
woodpeckers less camoflage for landing in the tree and then attacking our


Yours earnestly looking for your guidance!




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