Arriving late in the morning at Smithville Lake, Brenda and I saw a few birds, but no special or unexpected species. We did see Ring-billed Gulls, most of them flying quite high, a few bobbing on the surface of the lake and 20 or 30 sitting of the boat slips at the marinas. Some bluebirds, coots and crows were around and a few Great Blue Herons were to be seen.

Brenda and I decided to walk a little on the Smoky Davey Trail (from off of W Highway). After we had gone about 100 yards we encountered a beautiful Copperhead warming up on the asphalt trail. It was only about 18 inches long. We took a couple of photos of it with Brenda's phone camera (not sure how clear those are going to be went down loaded to the computer though). A little further along the trail we saw another "sunning" snake. This time sit was a Black Snake. This one was a little larger than the Copperhead. It was about four feet long.

We ended up at Lowman's for lunch for a nice meal and then headed back to Saint Joseph.

Good Birding!

Larry Lade

Saint Joseph, MO

gcrownkinglet AT yahoo DOT com

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