First of all, it wasn't me who emailed Christina privately!! I did have a few questions, though. The alleged link between MDC and Doe Run Lead Company, as postulated by Christina on Mobirds during the last flame war, concerned me greatly. I spent some time browsing her recommended website, (I think that was it, but I deleted the message and can't find it now). I was wondering if Christina would be kind enough to provide the listserve with the link to all the essays again (sorry!) and explain further the alleged conflict of interest between Missouri Department of Conservation and Doe Run Lead Company. I read the essay that she recommended and was unable to discern where the connection was.
I also spoke with the folks at Burr Oak Woods Nature Center (MDC) about this and they had no knowledge about their director being on the board of Doe Run Lead Co. Being the inquisitive sort that I am, I would like to learn more about this.
I can see how this stuff (Deep Ecology) would scare the heck out of most people. Personally, I would be happy as a clam living in a hunter-gatherer community, but I do not think this is a realistic option for me or my family right now. Oddly enough, this Deep Ecology did seem vaguely familiar. I lived on the west coast for a couple of years and used to be a deadhead, so I found myself reminiscing about tie-dyes, drum circles and grilled cheese in the parking lot while reading the essays. Ah, memories... 
Seriously, I attended a semester of grad. school at JFK University in Orinda, CA around '96 and had an Ecopsychology, Ritual and Shamanism class (I'm not kidding!) during this time. Pretty much changed my life. This "Deep Ecology" sounds like the same kind of stuff with an anarchist twist to it. I would like to read more, as time permits.
Feel free to email me the link privately if need be.
Doug Willis
Liberty, MO
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P.S. There was an editorial in this past weekend's KC Star about restoring and preserving a huge tract of Kansas' praries (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service project called the Flint Hills Legacy Conservation Area). They gave a link in the paper,, but I could not find it there.     

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