Would someone please explain why prairie chickens are going extinct in Missouri. I understand why their numbers are going down as the number of habitat areas diminish. But I don't understand why they are dying out (or are expected to die out) at places like Dunn Ranch and Taberville Prairie.
I have been watching chickens at Taberville for 37 years. During that time, the CA has remained the same size or grown. There may be more management (i.e. controlled burns, haying, etc.) now than there were when I started going there, but I assume it is more knowledgeable (and therefore better) management.
I do regret that the reclaimed strip mine area south of Montrose was allowed to go to agriculture instead of being acquired for chickens. I used to see sizeable flocks (c. 25 birds) there. Now they are gone. So scratch one area. But why expect them to die out at Taberville?
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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