At the annual MPF meeting yesterday in Cole Camp I listened to Max Alleger (Grassland Coalition Coordinator) tell us that at last count there are less than one hundred Greater Prairie Chicken left in Missouri. Max and the Grassland Coalition are very concerned that we might just loose this iconic Missouri bird. Of more pressing concern is that the Greater Prairie Chicken has crossed the threshold for there ability to reproduce and populate.
I know everyone in the Grassland Coalition is working overtime to try and find a solution. ASM has been a supporting partner in the Grassland Coalition for some years but I am wondering if it is enough and what more can we do. I would like to recommend that the board consider joining the battle with all our resources and commit ourselves and our organization to doing what ever more we can to help save the Greater Prairie Chicken from going extinct on our watch. In the last century Missouri lost the Red-cockaded Woodpecker and the Brown-headed Nuthatch to habitat destruction, lets not start this centruy off with another lost species.
This will take personal commitment, coordination, resources and planning, we as individual members and as an organization must do everything we can to save the Greater Prairie Chicken from extinction in Missouri.
Mike Doyen
Rolla, MO.

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