We had been having 50+ going in the two towers, then 60+ and Oct. 5 there were 8o and Oct. 7 100!! I thought for sure, because it was getting cold, they would leave, but last night we had 3 and then tonight 60+!!
It is supposed to be in the 30's tonight.
They usually leave about the middle of Oct.
We'll see what happens tomorrow.
I watch them in the towers in the morning. We have 2 cams in each tower. Sometimes many of them stay in until noon. They sometimes go out for a bite to eat and then come back in and work on their feathers.
There has never been a year that 40+ weather at night got them to leave.
I wish you all could see these guys in the towers. They fly around and go up and down, hop in the middle of the bunch to get a good warm place.
Funny, wonderful birds! I love them!!
Joyce Rosson
Holt, Mo.
Chimney Swift rehabber and conservationist.
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