Mr. Barksdale,
I'm sorry.   You lost me when you threw in "corporate America has pushed
things to the brink"...

Give me a break!  Just what "corporation" do you wish to pick on here?  
The Chicken problem in Missouri is a result of the proliferation of the
family farm/farms.  Over the years the land has had many uses and most of
it has been chopped up and well tilled.  We no longer have large expanses
of open prairie that provide the Greater Prairie Chickens a habitat where
they can thrive.

If you want to blame someone (or some group of people)...blame the
immigrants, the farmers and the pioneers who claimed and platted our

Last I checked, "Big Brother" wasn't filing land claims in the local title
offices across our state.  It was Mr. & Mrs. American Farmer.

It would seem to me that if we are seeking financial help from "corporate
America", we'd be better get that chip off our shoulder and partner rather
than blame.

I appreciate many of your accomplishments but find little common ground
with you if you are blaming the steep decline in Greater Prairie Chicken
numbers on some mythical corporation.


Bob Foreman
Smithville, Clay, Missouri

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