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SUBJECT: Enhanced Shorebird Habitat at Heron Pond, RMBS: Being Enlarged

���� Construction is nearing completion that will enable Heron Pond to grow
in size
from the current 18 acres to the full newly enclosed area of 42 acres.� 
The gate connected to the water in� Ellis Bay and the new pipe under the road
will provide a source for controling the water level.� The willows have all been
removed.� Now during the winter the water level can be raised 4 to 5 feet to
off the vegetation and improve the habitat for shorebirds next Spring and in
years beyond. The goal is a much larger mud flat, with a managed water level.
��� Yes, the heavy rains and construction this fall may have shortened shorebird
�habitat usage this fall,� but in future years the larger habitat area
should be 
BETTER FOR BIRDS AND BIRDERS !� During September about 21species 
of shorebirds were observed, and 18 species were PHOTOBIRDED� by several
persons. On Saturday, September 12, nearly 50 birders (in three groups) 
came to enjoy the numerious shorebirds and about 12 species. 
��� The work you see now is an effort that started in 1992.� I hope everyone
can be 
tolerant for another couple of years until this enlarged habitat area can
fully develop 
and� be allowed to reach its full potential.� The Goal for all of this
effort is 
MANAGED SHOREBIRD HABITAT.� This has been a�partnership effort�funded 
by the St.. Louis Audubon Society and the Army Corps of Engineers River
The dedication for this project is now: Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 2 PM.

Paul Bauer

Florissant, St. Louis County, Missouri

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