I don't feel safe on this list with people on the list feeling that it's okay to attack me/lecture me privately.

I don't know what this list's policies are,  but I propose that if people have anything to say that is of an "attacking"/patronizing lecture nature in response to a thread, that they have the guts to email it to the list, rather than to people privately - or just don't do it at all, privately or publicly.   

I have opened the fourth disturbing email from a person on this list regarding comments I made in the "bird feeder" thread.   If I receive any more, I am going to forward them all to the listowners and ask that the "culprits" be removed from the list - or given a warning.   At least I said what I had to say publicly.

I enjoy the kindred spirits who have emailed me privately and publicly.  Thank you all so much.  It's been delightful making new friends. 

I am not on this list to debate anyone or make enemies. So far, all the patronizing negative emails I have received have been from men -  encouraging me to move to a socialist country, warning me of the dangers of the radical left like me, extolling the virtues of all things human above "animals" (and quoting the Bible) and comparing me to Hitler. 

Chris McClarren
St. Louis South City
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